Credits Thank you!

An event on this scale, could not be possible, if it was not for the persons and teams who supported us from the beginning. We tried to recall and list on this page all of them, sorry if someone is forgotten!

Individual person support:

(in alphabetical order)

  • Adam Stanojević, ATC & Support, CROvACC/vACCBiH (visiting ATCo)
  • Adam Trzcinski, Support, Chief Events, VAT-GER
  • Alan Vucić, ATC & Support, CROvACC
  • Aleksanadar Kuzmanović, Support, former ATCo at Sarajevo, current ATCo at Banja Luka
  • Alen Smriko, ATC & Support, CROvACC
  • Almir Konjhodžić, IT Support, Secretary, BiH ATCos Association
  • Andreas Fecker, Author, former German ATCo & engineer creating the post-war Sarajevo NAV procedures
  • Andrej Birać, IT Support, vACCBiH
  • Apostolos Damkalis, Support, Regional Director, VATEUR
  • Armin Prljaća, Sarajevo Support, vACCBiH
  • Berin Riđanović, Support, Dipl. iur, Sarajevo International Airport
  • Burak Bugday, Support, Director, TRvACC & VATEUD3
  • Catherine "Cathy" Mariani, ATC & Support, VAT France & VATEUD
  • Christopher Marakis, ATC & Support, Assistant Director, CvACC
  • Christopher Widowitsch, ATC & Support, vACCBiH (visiting ATCo)
  • Damir Nožica, ATC & Support, Director, CROvACC
  • Daniel Conrad, Support, VACC-Austria
  • Darko Pajić, ATC & Support, Director, SCGvACC
  • Dina Šabanović, Sarajevo Coordination Support & Venue Arrangement, (former) Marketing Manager, Hotel Holiday Sarajevo
  • Dominik Schreier, ATC & Support, Eventteam, VAT-GER | RG-Munich
  • Dragomir Andonović, Scenery & AFCAD design
  • Dženana Klaćar, Support, Traffic Department, Sarajevo International Airport
  • Edin Hatibović, Support, ATC at BH Directorate of Civil Aviation
  • Edin Numankadić, Support, Director, Bosnia-Herzegovina Olympic Museum
  • Edita Sulejmanović, Secretary, Sarajevo International Airport
  • Edvin Šimić, Sarajevo Support, vACCBiH
  • Emir Hodzić, Sarajevo Coordination Support, Owner of Franz Ferdinand Hostel Sarajevo
  • Elvedin Begić, Director, Sarajevo International Airport
  • Erdal Elmaci, ATC & Support, PR and Legal Director, TRvACC
  • Evgeny Vygornitsky, Support, Division Director, VATRUS
  • Fahrudin Kreštalica "Krešta", Sarajevo Coordination Support, FEDCAD Sarajevo ATCo & BiH pilot
  • Florian Harms, ATC & Support, VP Marketing and Strategic Development, VATSIM
  • Florian Rimoli, ATC & Support, Marketing/Events Team, VAT France
  • Genadi Chankov, ATC & Support, Director, vACCBUL
  • Hanspeter Rutschmann, Leader, VACC-Switzerland
  • Haris Ljubunćić, Sarajevo Coordination Support, FEDCAD Sarajevo ATCo
  • Hermann Plunser, ATC & Support, VACC-Austria
  • Ismeta Budimlić, Support, Commercial Manager, Sarajevo International Airport
  • Jamie Luca Dobinson, ATC & Support, VATITA
  • Jochen Herlitz, Support, VAT-GER | RG-Munich
  • Jonas Kuster, Events Coordinator, VACC-Switzerland
  • Ljubisa Marić, Support, Executive Editor, Aerosvijet
  • Mahmud Cico, Independent Aviation & Aerospace Professional, 1984 Sarajevo ATC Director & ATCo
  • Martin Tiefenbacher, ATC & Support, VACC-Austria
  • Martin Tornberg, Events Coordinator, VATSIM Scandinavia
  • Martin Von Dombrowski, ATC & Support, vACCBiH (visiting ATCo)
  • Mirza Ibrahimović, ATC, Idea, Organization, Design, Texts, Marketing & Promotion, PR & Events Coordinator, vACCBiH
  • Nikola Tutorić, ATC & Support, Director, vACCBiH
  • Oliver Smith, ATC & Support, VATUK/VACC-Austria/vACCBiH (visiting ATCo)
  • Pero Cigelj, IT Support & Venue Location Backup, Web Developer,
  • Roman Savel, ATC & Support, Division Event Director, VATRUS
  • Samija Herceglić, Sarajevo Coordination Support & Venue Arrangement, Sales Manager, Hotel Holiday Sarajevo
  • Sava Marković, ATC & Support, Events Coordinator, SCGvACC
  • Slobodan Kakuća, Venue Support, F&B Manager, Hotel Holiday Sarajevo
  • Soichiro Abe, Marketing, VACC-Austria
  • Svilen Vassilev, ATC, Web development & Design, Texts, Research & Development, vACCBiH
  • Todor Atanasov, ATC & Support, R&D, vACCBUL
  • Zahid Bukva, Venue Support, Head waiter, Hotel Holiday Sarajevo
  • Zsolt Dániel, ATC & Support, Director, VACCHUN

vACC Teams:

  • vACCBiH Team
  • CROvACC Team
  • SCGvACC Team
  • VACC-Austria Team
  • VATRUS Team
  • VAT-GER Team
  • VAT France Team
  • VACC-Switzerland Team
  • VATSIM Scandinavia Team
  • VATITA Team
  • vACCHUN Team
  • TRvACC Team
  • vACCBUL Team
  • Estonia VACC Team
  • Albania vACC Team

Other Teams:

  • Hotel Holiday Sarajevo Team
  • Franz Ferdinand Hostel Sarajevo Team
  • Sarajevo ATC/FEDCAD Team
  • Sarajevo International Airport Team
  • BiH Border Police Sarajevo Airport Team
  • Bjelašnica (Olympic Ski Resort) Team

Event Partners:

And all the participating pilots, VAs and others we might have forgotten to mention.

Thank you all!

Quotes, references & documentation

Quotes and references are from the above mentioned persons as well from various documentation on the internet, among it:

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Vucko, the 1984 Olympic maskot, designed by Slovenian designer and illustrator Jože Trobec.

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